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UV Marble scope

Release time:2015-08-14

    UV marble board is a new type of decoration material, just popular in recent years, its unique texture with imitation marble, with marble look the same to the surface of the decorative effect, but compared to marble, more than half the cost is saved, because now many places will be renovated every three, five years to change a style, the UV material is not second choice, also fireproof, is a material suitable for a public place. UV board is a kind of green environmental protection product, used in ambry door plank, furniture production, and is widely applied in fire prevention, particularly strict public places: KTV, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cinemas and shopping malls, railway stations, schools, etc., the main characteristics of UV board are:
1: green environmental protection, uv plate sheet with environmental quality core material stick a skin, green formaldehyde-free.
2: clean and pollution-free, uv plate surface dust, condensation, easy to clean, avoid fungus breeding.
3: adornment effect is good, smooth appearance, natural color, texture clear, full, adornment sex is strong, the color bright, crystal clear, strong gloss, peculiar glittering and translucent bright and clean appearance, full of beautiful things in eyes, very beautiful.
4: high film hardness, adhesion, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, ageing resistance, long service life.
5: variety, meet the requirements of different occasions, there are series of wood veneer, veneer marble series, the series of spun silk finishing, printing surface of ornamental design series for your choice.
6: simple installation: the installation of uv board construction is simple, do not need special tools, ordinary carpenter's tools can be sawing, cutting, cutting, etc.