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UV marble crystal board introduction

Release time:2015-08-14

Composition: tech UVP surface coating imitation of natural marble pattern and UV fluorine carbon group.
1, have natural marble effect, grain is pure and fresh, uniform color.
2 all kinds, decorative pattern of variety selection.
3, easy to clean, pollution resistance, a-class fire prevention, noise insulation.
4, smooth surface wear resistance, hardness can be up to 3 h to 6 h.
5, no radiation, formaldehyde-free, convenient installation, green environmental protection
6, the quality of light (each flat about 7.5 kg) weight is natural marble was 1/5 of 1/10 of natural marble.
Specification: 1.22 m * 2.44 m * 4 mm
Purpose: natural marble ideal substitutes for external decoration, such as hotel, hotel, villa, KTV, high-end government club projects, teahouse, shopping malls, bars, coffee shops, office, living room TV setting wall, kitchen, toilet, etc.

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