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Four common imitation marble board production skil

Release time:2015-08-27

Imitation marble board can be used to make handicrafts, ornaments, sanitary ware, or used for building decoration materials. This discovery of man-made stone is pervious to light, it is made from pure natural inorganic material, not volatilize harmful organic substance.
A, imitation marble plank of making the point
Imitation marble plank manufacture essentials, recycling double-decker layout. The upper for the resin with transparent glass or transparent quartz fine grained sundry, basic level for pigment, stone and resin sundry.
The characteristics of imitation marble board is:
Because burnish the reflection and refraction of truth, that the product has a high degree of light, transparency and hard feeling, marble or granite color sense is very clearly, the feeling is very beautiful. This found that enrichment of natural stone material possessions and his possessions scraps, realized the full automation production.
Imitation marble plate manufacture essentials is:
(1) by weight percentage take 90 ~ 93% stone, 7 ~ 10% resin, meddling in the curing agent and accelerator, stir 5 minutes;
(2) symmetry sundry into stir within the lower die molding machine, high pressure and mold clamping, pressure is 12.5 MPa, the mold temperature is 115 ~ 115 ℃, lower die temperature 85 ~ 105 ℃, 5 minutes, curing, into the chamber for 24 hours heating, curing temperature is 80 ~ 100 ℃, or a natural coagulation flat pile arrangement.
Second, the manufacture of artificial stone mirror plate
Imitation marble mirror plate cover layer and base layer appearance.
Artificial stone mirror plate exercise of raw material is made from the SAP of inorganic gelling material and polymer latex and fibrous materials and aggregate granular material combination sundry.
The manufacture of artificial stone mirror plate main point first everything: according to take all kinds of material ingredient, mixed stirring, mold assembly, a molding (surface) and secondary (bottom), vibration compaction, curing, demoulding, looks the same treatment credit to desert, desert.
Imitation marble mirror plate has a light weight, high strength, heat insulation, sound-absorbing, looks shining degree is high, can be used as ceiling, wall panel, stone, stone table, etc.